A Conference To Educate, Equip and Encourage those who minister to our children and youth!

Teacher training and leadership training are vital necessities for the church to fulfill its mission in today’s world. Meeting the demands of a diverse and educated society will require that we work harder than previous generations.  Every educational opportunity should be taken. Investment of time and money in developing an informed Sunday school staff will pay great dividends over time. The Teacher Certification program is designed to help you hone your skills as a teacher and deepen your knowledge of God’s Word.

 Truth Odyssey is an Apostolic Vacation Bible School (VBS) that emphasizes God’s big story to redeem humanity. Each of the five sessions will feature interactive games, science demonstrations, snacks, crafts, worship, and a Bible lesson. Most important, each night will culminate in a time of prayer at the altar where children will learn how to draw closer to God and how to receive the Holy Ghost. Through the fun adventure of an entertaining scientist who invents a time machine, this VBS will be an exciting way for the kids in your church to experience more of God in an exciting, thoroughly Apostolic setting.