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Travis & Stacey Vallejos

Local License

Residing in Tucson Arizona under the Leadership of Rev. Robert Allen, Travis & Stacey Vallejos’ ministry focus includes Children’s Camps, Revivals, Rallies, Games, Songs, powerful story telling, and Bible inspired Illusions.  In 2019 Bro Vallejos was elected Children’s Ministry Secretary for the Arizona district.  As Sunday School Superintendents in their local church, they also specialize in Children’s Discipleship, Kids Church, and Teacher training.  Their goal is to bring the Apostolic message to our children and seeing them filled with the Holy Ghost while also encouraging, training and equipping our teachers with the tools needed for Children’s Revival.

Ethan Tucker

Not Licensed

I have actively been involved with teaching Sunday School and participated in Children’s Ministry for the past 3 years. Under the supervision of my pastor Rev. Greg Turner and my mentor Rev. Philip Wagoner. I have been privileged to serve in the Illinois District with Family Camp children’s crusades, sectional rallies, Sunday School seminars and children’s revivals. I use gospel illusions, creative storytelling, puppets, games and action songs to share Jesus and write HIS story on their hearts.

Gregory Sparks

Not Licensed

Gregory has been working with children for 12 years. He started evangelizing in 2015. Before that, he was a Children’s Church Teacher. He also is his home church children’s director.  He has a creative personality. He incorporates a dynamic blend of illusions, balloons, and puppets into a power-packed, Holy Ghost anointed service that will minister to any churches needs. His character, Gizmo,, was developed to connect to the children at their level. Using silly props and plenty of audience participation, he is planting seeds of scripture deep within each child’s heart. Best part about being a children’s evangelist is seeing a child pour out their heart to God. Nothing better then seeing them receiving the Holy Ghost! Gizmo offers power packed evangelistic services that minister to the young and the young at heart. He uses a wide variety of awesome puppets, object lessons, ballooning, get-up and dance action songs, gospel illusions, scientific experiments, clowning, stories, and drama! Experience an apostolic, Holy Ghost outpouring at your next children’s prayer revival, vacation Bible school, kids crusade, teacher refreshing, or any other event that you are planning.
Influences include: Lloyd Squires, Will Rowland, and God’s Handiwork.
Under Pastor Dwayne Sparks in Hohenwald TN.

What I do:

  • Children’s Revivals & Crusades Holy Ghost infilling main emphasis
  • Teacher Training
  • Alter Worker’s Training
  • Gospel illusions
  • Puppets
  • Comedy
  • Balloons


Subjects taught in Teacher Refreshing ministry:

  • Puppetry
  • Thinking Outside the Box
  • Object Lessons / Storytelling
  • Making Props / Decorating

Jonathan (J.W.) Smith

Local License

Jugglin’ J (J.W. Smith) is an engaging and energetic Children’s Evangelist, ministering through juggling, illusions, action songs, interactive games, object lessons, interactive preaching/teaching, and always with a culminating focus on praying kids through to the Holy Ghost. He and his wife, Angela, are based out of Christian Life Church in Rock Hill, SC, where they served 3 years as Children’s Ministry Directors, and currently serve as Youth Leaders. Bro. J.W. also serves the SC District as Children’s Ministry Secretary, since 2018.

Franklin Simmons

Capt. Tara Production is a ministry that uses the youth of your church to minister to the children. When you realize that only a few of the youth are used in a church, this ministry will pull all of the youth that have a desire to be used into this ministry. We teach, train, and mentor the youth to do puppets, skits, dramas, sign language, singing, playing and the use of object lessons and any other thing we can use to minister to the children. When the youth do their production, it teaches, trains, and mentors the children. This way we can help grow the church from the bottom up while the pastor does what he normally does. If the church has a couple that loves working with youth and children, this would give them a great ministry for their church. The sky is the limit when you’re reaching children.