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Dennis Ploch


     Rev. and Mrs. Dennis Ploch has been involved in Children’s Ministry for 40+ years.   Bro. Ploch plays a bumbling church handyman by the name of Bro. Goober!  Bro. Goober has been a part of the Ploch’s ministry from the beginning.  Although, Bro. Goober is not the sharpest tool in the shed, he has a pure heart and brings humor in his illustrated sermons, motion songs, object lessons   and   effectibles   (special   effects/parables.)     Bro.   Goober’s   captivating   antics   draw   the children’s   attention   and   help   them   receive   the   Bible   message   in   a   practical   way.   Go   to and search for Goober Stairs and this will give you an idea of one of  Bro. Goober antics!   In their ministry they have seen many children, teens and adults receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost.
     Bro. and Sis. Ploch has minister in 43 states, 4 foreign countries, 4 American Native Reservations at District Jr. Camps, Revivals and Teacher’s Training.  Presently Bro. Ploch is Children’s Pastor at The Pentecostal Church in Memphis, TN pastored by Rev. Bill Parkey.  He is an Ambassador with Ronald McDonald House and with St. Jude Hospital as an on call minister.  He is also serving the Tennessee   District   as   Sunday   School   Secretary   and   helps   coordinate   the   TN   District   Teacher Training Program  “IGINITE.”    Bro.  Ploch, Sis.  Ploch  and  Bro.  Goober  are  available  for  Camps, Revivals, and Children’s Ministry Training on a part time basis.