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Kara McCoy

General License

The Children’s Revival brings puppets, high-energy action songs, scripture memory, science experiments, Bongo the Gorilla (who often gets on the loose, unfortunately), laughter and a multi-media experience that engages kids and adults alike. Each event features a team of young people to help you do personal evangelism, door-knocking and park parties to bring visitors into your services and pray with them at the altar. With over 20 years invested in children, we have oodles of proven ideas to jump start your church’s kid ministry or infuse new energy where you need it most!

If you need teacher training, we specialize in bringing a new perspective to your ministry team. We believe that ALL children, regardless of ability, culture, background or socio-economic status, belong in the church and we need to be equipped to welcome them with enthusiasm and understanding. Our culture is changing. Kids are living with a different “normal” than our older generations. The Children’s Revival is excited to help you refresh the message you are sending your community.

We exist to bring children of all ages to a mature faith in Christ, encouraging them to become a light in an increasingly ungodly world. We’re good at connecting with them and fostering their relationship back to your church. We’d love to help you move out into your community.

Sister McCoy holds general licensure with the UPCI, is a licensed counselor and is working to complete her first PhD. She is an Autism specialist and has effective insight into working with kids that face unique challenges. She loves to pray with kids and see them filled with the Holy Ghost! There is nothing more life-changing that the presence of God! She is famous for keeping it positive! Your church CAN make a difference!

Maybe you’re asking: How do you make group worship the “cool” thing to do? A child’s split-second choice to join the group of worshipers and engage themselves into a relationship with God is made in an instant, but the effects can last a lifetime.

We want your young people to have fun, encounter salvation in a REAL way through Holy Ghost infilling, grow or mature in doctrine and leave humming that annoyingly-unforgettable scripture song about God’s love! Call us! We bring the excitement that happens when you worship in Spirit and in Truth while having a multi-media adventure!