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Kim Ramsey

Not Licensed

I am the Children’s Director at Calvary UPC in Jonesboro, AR pastored by Rev. Darrell Runyan.  I have 30+ years of experience in working with children’s ministries such as Sunday School, Bus Ministry, Children church, Special Events such as Fall Fest, Education Day, School Prayer, etc.  In 1993, my husband and I founded the program, Street RAGE (Reaching A Generation Effectively) which is a mentoring program that brings children’s church right to the neighborhoods where the children live.  Hundreds of children have received salvation through this ministry and is still active after 23 years, in our local ministry, as well as in many other cities across America and on the foreign field.  In 2012, my husband passed away with colon cancer, and my son-in-laws, Craig O’Brien and Tony Goforth, have stepped into place and are working in our local ministry as well as traveling with me as Children’s Evangelists, aka “Flock & Fritter.” We conduct children’s revivals and camps which include high-energy songs, comedy, gospel illusions, illustrated sermons/storytelling, drama/black light presentations and powerful altar services. We teach Training and Motivational Seminars as well as Street RAGE Workshops.