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Moises Alvarez

Local License

I am Moises Alvarez, a product of the ministries of Life Challenge UPC during the 80s and 90s: bus ministry, Sunday school, youth ministry and Bible Quizzing. Now dedicated as a Sunday school teacher, bus ministry volunteer, kids street ministry leader, kids discipleship ministry leader, and mentor for kids.

My Pastor is Dan Smelser of Odessa Texas. We are in the Texico District (West Texas and New Mexico).

I am passionate about seeing children transformed by the power God from the inside out in the community and in the church. Transformed through receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, being baptized in Jesus’ name, and living for God.

I am married to Sylvia, who was also won to God through bus and youth ministries. We both served together in Sunday school for years before getting married in 2002. We both enjoy ministering to children in whatever setting. Sylvia, is a huge help and partner in ministry.

Our ministry focuses on child evangelism and discipleship. We have implanted strategies in our church and have helped other churches implement them as well. We train churches on these strategies:

*Blitzing- outreach parade in new neighborhoods

*Kidz Connect – games and snacks in a new neighborhood

*Inside Out Street Ministry – kids church in new neighborhoods

*Van routes – establishing routes in new neighborhoods

*NOLO Kidz – discipleship classes for kids

*Power Hour – evangelistic Sunday school

* Follow up – visiting the visitors

* Mentorship – training kids for and in ministry

MOE (for Kids) is our ministry name when we travel which stands for Ministry Of Evangelism (for Kids). My wife and I do action songs, gospel illusions, object lessons, comedy skits, fun games, illustrated sermons, puppets, and altar calls. We have incentive prizes for kids. We minister to children and in family settings.

We have been blessed to conduct children’s camps, children’s crusades, teacher training seminars, and speak in children’s ministry conferences in various districts and in our own district. I have written several kids ministry booklets which I make available at no cost that cover child evangelism and discipleship strategies. I am a local licensed minister as well as the UPCI Texico District Section 4 Sunday School Director.

Some of our references are: Lloyd Squires and Kim Ramsey who are our mentors. Other references are Children’s Evangelists Vickie Oliver and Jumpin’ Josh Combs. Some District SS Directors are from Louisiana: Tommy Parker and from Texico: Calvin Burrow


Daniel & Lacey Autrey

Daniel & Lacey Autrey live in Belleview, FL and serve on the Pastoral staff of Souls Harbor FPC and as the Sunday School Secretary of the Florida District. They conduct children’s & family revivals. In a service with this young couple, you can expect everything from games to action songs to all kinds of crazy costumes. It’s their goal to see children GROW UP in love with Jesus and that every family be on fire for God and a blessing to their local church.


Bruce and Jami Borlick

Bruce and Jami Borlik, along with their three daughters, Bethany, Holley and Melaney, are full time family and children’s evangelists with the United Pentecostal Church International with 18 years of experience.  Using current kids music, puppets and an unforgettable variety of characters, the Borliks “have church” in a way that few ever forget.

Their chosen tag line, “an altar experience through puppets and parables”, sums up the main focus of their ministry.  Every service ends with an altar opportunity, a chance to bring children and their families closer to Jesus

The Borliks are experienced with all age groups and settings, from inner city churches to large and small campgrounds. They conduct Teacher training seminars, VBS, camps, crusades, rallies and outreaches, as well as teach holiness seminars and “why we believe what we believe” to all ages.

765-350-0252 |

Availability: Full Time

Jeffrey Cline

General License

Please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Jeffrey Cline. I am a husband, dad, friend, son, brother, uncle, minister, preacher, servant, pastor, teacher, reacher, and now a Kids Evangelist. I was born in Ohio, raised in in an Apostolic Church until I was about 14. I was baptized at age 9 and received the Holy Ghost when I was 10. At a young age, I felt the call of God on my life, but did not yield to it. Years later I found myself in the Army, away from my family and God. There were many times that I felt Jesus reaching and pulling at my heart.

I am glad God never gave up. In 1995, I found myself at an altar of an Apostolic Church. A few months later that call of God that I felt in my younger years started to grow. God began to open doors and show me favor. I started teaching Sunday school, and then started a bus route. The Lord just continued to add to my ministry and the church.

I have had the honor of working in many different ministries in the United Pentecostal Church, from cleaning restrooms and painting the church, to district positions. God has allowed me to work in youth camps, district rallies, missions, and as a local pastor and youth pastor. During all these endeavors there was always a burden that I had for kids and them connecting to God.

After youth pastoring and pastoring for a combined 12 years, God began to open a door for Kids Ministry. God has and continues to use me to reach and connect with kids. A unique niche and a genuine burden for kids drives me to do whatever I can to tear down walls, remove fear and allow kids to connect to Christ.

I would be honored to work with you, your staff, and your kids. Please feel free to contact me with any questions and available dates.

Home: 816-646-3467 | Cell: 757-556-9118 |

Availability: Full Time

Josh & Kristen Combs

Jumpin’ Josh Combs has been ministering to children for the past 10 years and has had the privilege to see hundreds of children receive the Holy Ghost. Along with his wife, Kickin’ Kirsten, they provide a fun and powerful ministry geared for kids and kids at heart. Whether it be action songs, comedy, crazy games or improv Bible stories, the Combs’ use many methods to reach the heart of children and to see their lives impacted for the Kingdom.